I teach yoga and mindfulness. I write. I am mama to my baby girl juno. 

I find life strangely beautiful and beautifully strange. I have days where I have my shit together and days where it's hitting the fan and firing right into my face. I’ve come to realise that it what we call being a human.

Since I was young I have always been interested in health and wellness, in how we overcome and the fierce power of the human spirit. On the flip-side, this has led to an interest in how and why we suffer. I explore this a lot in my writing as well as in my life.

I like to think I know a thing or two about people and being. I also like to think that I know nothing at all about anything. Both have their merits.

I am an empath with a propensity for self-depreciation and a familial tendency for mental health issues who has had her fair share of life's challenges. I am also pretty skilled at post-meltdown self-reflection (beacuse nobody can self-reflect DURING a meltdown), which has allowed me to shed a lot of light. I have had try hard at things and this is what gives me gentleness and understanding.

Loving myself fully, being nobody but myself, is something I work on. Something I believe we all have to work on. It's not easy but when we crack it, oh-my it's just the most beautiful thing.  

There are many things I want. Half a dozen sausage dogs, a partner who always puts the toilet seat down, a mind that never turns on me, to remember to floss...

But mostly, I just want to come straight from the heart - in all that I am and do.



things i believe in

The kindness of strangers, that hard work pays off, the power of sharing our truth, giving ourselves a break, dogs, dark chocolate, adversity breeds strength, yoga, barefeet, devotion, being real, smiles, forgiveness, turmeric.


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