Why giving advice can be a selfish act / I'm tired and no I don't want baby sleep advice

I’m much more selective who I talk to about my sleep issues these days. Firstly, there is the fact of boring myself with the same answer to the question ‘how are you?’ But more significantly, I have stopped relaying my lack of sleep to most (m)others because it is almost always met with some advice. There’s nothing wrong with giving advice to others - when it is wanted

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Dealing with sleep deprivation as a new mum

I read a statistic the other day that new mothers lose an average of 720 hours of sleep in the first year of motherhood. The fact that my first thought was ‘mm, is that all?’ should tell you a bit about that state of my sleep at this time in my life. If my sleep were a person it would look like Pete Doherty on a bad day circa 2010. Seriously though, 720 hours is a lot.  

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